The mission of Brett Simon’s company, Strategic Business Consultants (SBC), is his legacy. Representing an amalgamation of his lifelong belief in the power of independence and the entrepreneurial spirit with over two decades of hard learned experience serving large corporate structures, Brett truly considers SBC’s mission; helping small business owners build and grow better, stronger, and enduring organizations, to be his most significant professional contribution. 

Brett’s experience working within the middle ranks of financial institutions such as Bank of America, formerly known before acquisition as First Union and Wachovia, and Truist, formerly known as BB&T, and the American Express Corporation, taught him to fully appreciate the enormous advantages large corporations inherently possess over small business entities.

Brett’s persistent aspiration to help small entities carve out their own viable space to thrive gained his full attention in 2017 when he found himself a casualty of an enormous bank merger and subsequent restructure. An overwhelming desire to never find himself and his family in such a position again coupled with his core belief in entrepreneurial independence prevailed. 

Strategic Business Consultants was born in 2018 with a dedicated mission to helping small business owners build and grow better, stronger, and enduring organizations that can coexist in a world filled with corporate giants. 

Brett spent the first 26 years of his life in Cleveland, Ohio, where his father ran an independent law practice that supported their large family of seven. He completed his undergraduate work in 1987 at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio and then worked his way up to a management position at a private hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1990, Brett moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, after accepting a management position in hospitality. Through this experience, Brett gained vast exposure to multiple facets of business and industry, fueling his interest in pursuing an MBA from the Love School of Business at Elon University. As Brett worked through his graduate studies, he worked full time in management for the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority. He earned his MBA in 1996, and in that year created a successful startup business for a local entrepreneur. He remains proud of these accomplishments and for earning recognition for significant cost-cutting banking initiatives and one very special award for his work as Diversity Consortium Co-Chair at American Express. Since 2018, Brett has focused his continuing education on learning the ever evolving art of successful marketing. 

Brett understands personally that a business is not only the life’s work of the owner, but it is the life blood that supports the overall security and financial well-being for the owner and those they are responsible for. He knows how to create and maintain long-term, successful small businesses that provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, create meaningful jobs, and foster local economies. During his time away from work, Brett enjoys competing in amateur golf tournaments and spending quality time with his wife Lisa and their college aged daughter LillyAnna, and their extended family of rescue cats.


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